Daily Fantasy MMA


Hi everyone,

My name is AJ Schullo, and I am a full-time professional MMA Bettor and Technical Fight Analyst.

Early in my career, I was held back because of fear of uncertainty, fear of success, and fear of failure, but once I discovered what my true passions were, I decided to go all-in.

I delegate dozens of hours of research into my preparation for each event, while trying to manage my time well enough to still “have a life” outside of sticking my nose into film study, interviews and statistics! Part of my weekly process is to update my database of notes for each fighter, to ensure that my homework doesn’t go to waste after each event.

I do my best to avoid listening to any outside information during my weekly study, which helps me form an organic opinion, and I believe that’s the best way to serve my subscribers. Oftentimes, I choose to research upcoming events well before they take place, and I limit my time on social media platforms to help this process.

When it comes to placing bets, there is always going to be a level of risk and I think it’s important for us all to understand that, regardless of how confident I am in a particular play. In other words, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “lock” or “guarantee” in gambling. I personally practice risk management by staking no more than 5% of my bankroll on a single play, and only place wagers on betting odds I believe hold long-term value.

You can find all of my bets, which are third-party tracked and verified here!

Outside of MMA, I am interested in the cryptocurrency space, NBA Top Shot, traveling, working out, reading, and writing! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @AJMMABetting and check out my YouTube channel here!