Technical Tim Package Description

Technical Tim Package Description

I have historically provided detailed write ups for all fights that I have had bets on. I have generally received positive responses regarding the write-ups, and I have had many requests asking me to analyze every fight (including the fights that I am not betting on) from a betting angle. So going forward I am going to do that for every single event and I will sell each event separately.

I will post an event breakdown available for purchase when I make my first bet on the card. So if I have a bet on a card two months before the card, I will post the event analysis two months before the event (when I place the bet) and you will receive analysis for the other fights for the same card in the lead up to the event. And the goal is to have all fights posted two days before the event.

I don’t think I am the best bettor out there as I am still learning. But I am profitable and the goal of doing this is simply to provide useful information to you. And I think the price that I charge is on the cheap side for the amount of detail that I go into.

As I said above, I will provide a detailed write up for every single fight from a betting perspective. Each fight will vary in detail and in length as I will simply provide the relevant information that I think is useful. So analysis for one fight may be 4 pages long while analysis for another fight may be 1 sentence long.

I will also give a prediction with a 1-5 confidence level.

1 – Low confidence

2 – Slight confidence

3 – Average confidence

4 – Above average confidence

5 – Strong confidence