Hi everyone, 

My name is Gordo and I am a DFS player turned sports bettor from up north in Canada. 

I have been watching UFC for as long as I can remember. Staying up with my dad, watching GSP represent my country and dominate the octagon made me fall in love with the sport, and as soon as I turned old enough to bet on it, I did. 

In university, me and my roommate found this cool app called DraftKings and with a little luck, and a lot of research, it helped me pay off my tuition after implementing my UFC knowledge. Fast forward a few years and I am betting on the sport and actively playing DFS. I had my best year to date in 2022, and look forward to profiting even more in 2023 as well as creating more content on my YouTube channel with some amazing people in the space. I’m still young and learning and I love the opportunity to work with the DailyFanMMA team to increase my abilities as a bettor! 

As soon as I commit to something, I put my heart into it. I’ve always had a love for the sport but being able to make some money off of it pushed me to work hard day in and day out, doing my research and looking to profit off betting the sport. I’ve been fortunate enough to win both DFS contests (2021 UFC Ironman) and betting contests (LOTN challenge) and I continue to look to profit and help both myself and my followers make money on the sport we love. 

Outside of the GordoGambles persona, I am a hockey player and enthousiast, playing at a high level since I can remember. In school, I am on my way to becoming a Chiropractor, with grad school for that starting in May 2023. I live with a few roommates who I’ve converted into UFC fans and we never miss a Saturday card.

You can follow me on twitter, @GamblesGordo and on Youtube, Plays & Fades sports, as well as see my official tracked record here.