Hi everyone,

My name is Ryan Larkin. I have been playing DFS for almost 7 years and have been providing fantasy racing content for 3+ years. 

Although I have a background in the NASCAR industry, it was actually an MMA event that first got me hooked onto DFS. My friend Brett (Appley) introduced me to DFS before UFC 189: McGregor vs. Mendes. I turned $5 into $13 and was hooked!

In 2019, I was given the opportunity to join the DFS Army coaching staff to provide fantasy racing content. I’ve always enjoyed studying motorsports and felt I would be able to help others by providing actionable information on a weekly basis. I’ve been working closely with DFSA for the past few years before deciding it was time to step into a new position here at DailyFanRacing.

My involvement in NASCAR started at an early age when my dad entered the NASCAR world himself. My life revolved around it from the ages of 10-18, even to the point that I was homeschooled for a couple of years so I could travel to the track every week.

I would work summer jobs at the race shops, and grew up hanging out at the track, in the haulers, and with team members. It was my life. So naturally, when I got out of school, I found myself working in NASCAR. I spent a couple years working at JR Motorsports, followed by stints at Hendrick Motorsports and Bam Racing. 

After meeting my wife, life took me in a different path, but it’s been awesome to return to the sport through DFS. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to launch Daily Fantasy Racing, and I consider it not only my opportunity to make a mark in the industry, but to hopefully support my family and spend more time with them while also doing something I enjoy!

If you’d like to reach me, I am generally available on Twitter @Larkin8, and I’d love to have you join our DailyFanRacing community Discord, which you can access for free here!