Hey everyone,

Welcome to DailyFanMMA.com, the No. 1 source for Daily Fantasy MMA analysis. My name is Brett Appley, and I’ve been breaking down fights from a DraftKings perspective and competing on the DFS scene since 2015, when DraftKings launched their MMA product.

I come from a journalism background, and have a lifelong interest in fantasy sports and gambling, so naturally providing DFS content appealed to me. I also have been training and studying jiu-jitsu since 2011, and received my blue belt in 2013 which I consider one of my biggest accomplishments and the basis for my eventual move to MMA analysis.

When DraftKings launched their MMA product in 2015, I began breaking fights down each week and posting them for free on RotoGrinders.com, the best and most comprehensive fantasy sports website at the time. After more than a year of producing content for free, the sport started to grow and I was hired by RotoGrinders as their Lead MMA analyst.

In October, 2016, I launched MMA Premium, a subscription-based service specifically designed to help players learn how to compete and win long-term. I quit my full-time job one year later so that I could dedicate 100 percent of my time and focus to MMA Premium.

In October 2020, I launched this website, DailyFanMMA.com, so that I can continue to push the sport forward and grow MMA Premium to its fullest extent.

Winning is tough, but I am extremely proud to say our subscribers have won more than HALF A MILLION dollars on DraftKings (based on a handful of Twitter screenshots alone), and you can find proof of those results here.

Although I cannot promise that each subscriber will be able to profit, I will work my absolute hardest each and every week to help you learn about the sport and the fighters, and will give you the tools necessary to help you succeed on DraftKings and in your gambling pursuits.

I want to thank you all so much for the support I’ve received over the years, I am forever grateful. Without you, our community and this website would not exist.



Our main package is referred to as MMA Premium, which focuses on DraftKings content but can be used for many purposes. We offer the following content:

Beat Down – Extensive written article that covers each fight matchup individually, generally 10k-15k words per week. Each breakdown will focus on the identity and style of the fighters, as well as how the matchup itself should look. We’ll discuss tendencies, paths to victory and more. We’ll also discuss in-depth DraftKings strategies and potential for each individual fighter.

Podcast – In-Depth video/audio breakdowns of each fight on the DraftKings slate, approximately one hour long, which can be consumed at any point after recording. Many times I will share this podcast with another co-host/expert in the community, but may record solo on occasion as well. Content will be generally similar to what’s contained in the Beat Down article.

Expert Rankings – Myself, along with several experts in the community, will post our Cash Game and Tournament rankings each week. These will be spread out into three tiers, based on the DraftKings salaries, and can be used as a general guideline for our thoughts and opinions.

Projections/Ownership – Data sets of projected DraftKings points (Mean + Win), as well as projected ownership for the main DraftKings tournament.

Strategy – A stored collection of articles written by myself and other experts, focusing on general DraftKings and gambling strategy.

Live Odds Tracker – Powered by FightOdds.io, a complete database of the live odds for each fight, giving you the ability to track movement throughout the week, as well as individual fighter props.

Chat – Live Chat that can be accessed any time. I will be in Chat during most fight nights, hanging out with subscribers and watching the fights together. I’ll also aim to be available multiple times per week, for any subscriber questions. We have a brilliant community and many sharp minds, so please feel free to access and hang out at any point, even if I am not available.


I am so thrilled to be able to offer a full-developed lineup optimizer called the “Domination Station.”

This will be sold as an add-on for MMA Premium subscribers, who purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. Users will be able to create up to 300 DraftKings and FanDuel lineups that can be exported via CSV and uploaded to the respective provider.

My personal projections and ownership will be imported into the base optimizer, but can be edited. We also offer back-test mode, giving you the ability to analyze your lineups after the slate ends.


For those who are not interested in DraftKings and prefer a more traditional gambling style, we have content available for you as well.

Official Bets – Any time I have official bets, I will post them, as well as a detailed written breakdown for each matchup. I will aim to provide official bets each week, though I will not force a bet if I don’t perceive there to be actual value. You can view my personal track record here, though I have not been able to track bets freely at points in my career, this is my official record and I have maintained a 15-20 percent ROI for many years.

Model Recommendations – Our newest offering. Estimated win percentages and true odds for each fighter and matchup on the slate. Recommended bets based on statistics and data alone.

Props & Parlays – For those who enjoy extra action, we will give out both value props, and high-upside props. We’ll also give out multiple parlay options with a varying degree of risk.

Video Content – Currently, we have partnered with Technical Tim, an extremely sharp gambler in the industry who will produce “Tim’s Takes” each week, detailing 2-3 of his favorite matchups and takes from a gambling perspective.

Live Odds Tracker – Powered by FightOdds.io, a complete database of the live odds for each fight, giving you the ability to track movement throughout the week, as well as individual fighter props.


I understand that not everyone wants to subscribe to our premium content each week, and I think it’s important to offer free content when we have time available.

You may subscribe to our newsletter here, where I will send out my FREE Quick Picks article each week, focusing on one cash game play, one tournament play, one value play and one fade.

Please also subscribe to my YouTube channel, Daily Fantasy MMA, where we host several videos per week with some of the best minds in the industry. Myself and Suntszu will aim to produce our free Creating Alpha podcast on Friday when available.


I’m extremely active on Twitter at @BrettAppley and @DailyFanMMA and have my DMs open for any questions about the product.

You may email DailyFanMMA@Gmail.com for support as well – I will aim to respond to you within one business day.