MMA Premium Package Description


Please read the following descriptions so that you may have a full understanding of what our MMA Premium, Lineup Optimizer and Betting Hub packages contain.


Our main package is referred to as MMA Premium, which focuses on DraftKings content but can be used for many purposes. We offer the following content:

Beat Down – Extensive written article that covers each fight matchup individually, generally 10k-15k words per week. Each breakdown will focus on the identity and style of the fighters, as well as how the matchup itself should look. We’ll discuss tendencies, paths to victory and more. We’ll also discuss in-depth DraftKings strategies and potential for each individual fighter.

Podcast – In-Depth video/audio breakdowns of each fight on the DraftKings slate, approximately one hour long, which can be consumed at any point after recording. Many times I will share this podcast with another co-host/expert in the community, but may record solo on occasion as well. Content will be generally similar to what’s contained in the Beat Down article.

Rankings – Myself, along with several experts in the community, will post our Cash Game and Tournament rankings each week. These will be spread out into three tiers, based on the DraftKings salaries, and can be used as a general guideline for our thoughts and opinions.

Projections/Ownership – Data sets of projected DraftKings points (Mean + Win), as well as projected ownership for the main DraftKings tournament.

Strategy – A stored collection of articles written by myself and other experts, focusing on general DraftKings and gambling strategy.

Live Odds Tracker – Powered by, a complete database of the live odds for each fight, giving you the ability to track movement throughout the week, as well as individual fighter props.

Free Discord Access – Live Chat that can be accessed any time. I will be in Chat during most fight nights, hanging out with subscribers and watching the fights together. I’ll also aim to be available multiple times per week, for any subscriber questions. We have a brilliant community and many sharp minds, so please feel free to access and hang out at any point, even if I am not available.